Welcome to Issue No. 5 of Oculus Postgraduate Journal for Visual Arts Research. Founded in 2008, Oculus is an annual peer-reviewed publication led by postgraduate students from the University of Canterbury Department of Art History and Theory, and School of Fine Arts.

Oculus aims to provide a platform for the publication of postgraduate research in the realm of the visual arts and culture currently being undertaken in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, with the hope of facilitating connections between students from different tertiary institutions.

The 2014 Editorial Board has selected a diverse range of artworks, essays, reviews and interviews for publication with the aim of fostering critical discussion around current issues, ideas and events in the field of visual arts research. These contributions explore different eras, mediums, methodologies and cultural contexts.

This year, the board has reflected on emerging tendencies in the way we currently experience art, scholarship and material culture, particularly in relation to the reciprocal relationship between printed and digital forms. It is these conversations that have prompted us to reconsider the ways in which the journal is accessed and published.

For the first time, Issue 5 of Oculus is available in a limited edition published by Ilam Press and printed on a Risograph, as well as through this website. The artists we have worked with on this issue have also responded to the specificities of printed and digital formats and processes, producing pageworks, editions and digital video.


Editor: Sophie Davis      

Staff Supervising Editors: Aaron Beehre and Dr. Barbara Garrie  

Editor of Artists Editions and Online Artwork: Daegen Wells

Editorial Board: Sophie Bannan, James Hope, Lydia Kronawetter and Harriet Maher

Design: Kelsey O'Hagan